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Real Estate Private Equity

Trusted Discipline for Value and Income

VW Multifamily is a private equity investment manager that generates long-term wealth and distributes income to its investment partners by achieving Peak NOI from Class B multifamily real estate assets in the southeastern U.S.

Our investment clients are accredited investors who require above-average risk-adjusted returns from real estate investments and may feel limited to investing in public REITs with low yields or private REITs with high fees. We are extremely selective and disciplined in the investments we choose to own with our investment partners and our low overhead allows us to operate and deliver investment results with less fees than typically found in large investment funds.

VW seeks to acquire high-quality investments at discounts to replacement cost. We then improve the properties through hands-on management and targeted value-add initiatives. Our efforts result in solid IRRs and reliable cash yields for investors and their families.

We believe we offer real estate investors something they cannot get with another investment manager.

Financial Performance Distributions IRR
U.S. Residential Equity REITs
8.8% 12.6%
VW Assets (Varner Generation I)
18.0% 23.9%
U.S. Apartment Equity REITs
Yield-11/2017 (1)

(1) Source FTSE NAREIT US Real Estate Index, Equity Apartment Index

Value and Income

VW Multifamily is a trusted and disciplined sponsor for multifamily private equity investments lead by its founding principals, Dean Varner and John Wakefield. The firm is built upon 20 years of multifamily investment and management experience and the reputations of Varner and Wakefield for the relationship centric and trusted capital management for its network of small institutional, family and individual investors. .

VW Multifamily is organized to ensure that the real estate capital we are entrusted with performs optimally and delivers quality income and equity appreciation. VW provides a fully integrated package of property management services to respond to the needs of each investment property and the goals of our equity partners. These goals are always centered upon achieving what we call Peak NOI. Peak NOI drives real estate valuations and solid returns for our investor owners. Our entire organization is aligned with increasing revenues and controlling expenses and we are unique in our commitment to customer service, clear strategic plans and accountability.

We are proud of the results that we deliver and the lives that we improve because of our success.

The following outlines our typical investment parameters.

Property Type: Garden and Townhome Style Value-Add Assets

Size: Minimum 75 Units

Vintage: 1980’s – 2000’s

Class: B-, B, B+, A-

Markets: Mid-Sized Southeastern markets with job growth and populations of 500,000 or greater