VW Multifamily
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Evaluate. Execute. Deliver.


VW Story

VW Multifamily is a full service multifamily investment and management company that was formed by Dean Varner and John Wakefield to build upon the 18 years of multifamily investment and management experience of its predecessor, Varner Multifamily, and to continue the longstanding multifamily investment partnership of the Varner and Wakefield families.   

VW Multifamily is purposefully organized to ensure that the multifamily properties we are entrusted with perform optimally and deliver quality income and valuation results.  VW provides a fully integrated package of property management services to respond to the property needs and goals of our owners.  Our strong leadership begins by attracting talented people who are qualified, motivated and experienced in the markets that they oversee.

Our entire organization is passionate about our performance and is unique because of our commitment to client service, clear strategic plans and accountability for skillful execution.  We are proud of the results that we deliver.